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"William, the bloody"

Spike's first words upon entering Sunnydale were "Home sweet home." At the time, he would not realize how true those words would ring for him in the future. His character originally began as a short-lived cool guy, but has since developed into a vampire that the show cannot live without.

In his years on the show, his character has undergone serious changes. Originally, the Big Bad came to town with his beloved Drusilla in search of a cure for her weakness. While he was at it, he figured he would bag his third Slayer. He did indeed find a cure for his Dark Princess, but not without consequence. Shortly after her recovery, Daddy came back into the fold once he lost his soul.

Realizing that Angelus was taking his Princess from him, and intended on ending the world, he aligned himself with the Slayer. In the end, he was able to escape to Brazil with Dru after Angel met his fate.

Unfortunately, the damage had already been done to their relationship. Believing that the Slayer had got her hooks into him and that he had gone soft, Dru left him for a Chaos demon. He was able to get her back for a short time, but in the end she left him for good.

He finally decided to exact his revenge on the Slayer once again figuring that she was to blame for all his problems. The Iniative had other plans for him, and they implanted a chip in his brain that prevents him from harming humans. Luckily for his seriously bad temper, he can still take out his frustrations on other demons.

With nowhere else to turn, he aligned himself once again with the Slayer. Though never earning the trust required to become a full-fledged Scooby, he always managed to help out in the stickiest of situations.

During season five and six we begin to see a softer side of Spike. He develops a love for his mortal enemy, and obsesses over her. Though he proves his worth to her time and time again as an ally, she would never admit to deeper feelings for an "evil soulless dead thing." They had a short-lived affair during season six, and it ended badly.

While he tried to lure her to the darker side of life, Buffy did her fair share and abused him both mentally and physically. In the end she admitted taking advantage of him. He took it hard and at first made futile attempts to change her mind. Realizing that she would never accept him as he was, he made a trip to Africa. At the end of Season 6, we see Spike earning his soul through physical trials.

Season 7, the final season for the series, proved to be interesting for our favorite bleached blonde vamp. In the first episodes his new soul, along with previous experiences with Buffy, served to shatter his mind. It was a tough ride for him to earn his redemption, and the trust of his Slayer.

It seemed at first that his past hurt, compounded with his fragile psyche and manipulations of the First Evil, would turn him into the Big Bad once again. However, in the end he proved his worth as a valued member of their gang. He paid the ultimate price; he paid with his life.