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Hi Guys! This is Dhana Latchmi, the Dino Fan Club Member here... Please browse through my Spike fan site, Thank you. 


This website is dedicated to James Marsters A.K.A Spike from BTVS & Angel. While looking for wallpapers of Spike, I got the idea to create a website of my own. And here it is…. of my all time favourite TV and Movie characters, the creatures of darkness and those who wage war against them. Thank you Spike, for your inspiration. Hopefully many real life vampires in this strange world will get the same courage and determination to get their soul back (become  better men and women). I, Dhana Latchmi, your greatest fan from Singapore, wish you, James Marsters, all the best in your Movie career and in life. Do continue to entertain us with more amazing roles (such as Spike).