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Where you can find wallpapers of Spike, Drusilla, Darla, Master, Angel, Harmony, Vampire Willow & Xander.


He is a character played by James Wesley Marsters as a Vampire in the series BTVS & Angel.

Age: 122 (According to Council records, he was born as a vampire in 1880. However, Spike has mentioned in other episodes that he is actually closer to 130.)
Bloodline: Aurelian
Sire: Drusilla
Grandsire: Angelus
Birthplace: London, England
Pre-Sunnydale Stats: Killed two Slayers - Xin Rong (Boxer Rebellion); Nikki Wood (1977

Before Spike became a vampire, he was William (surname unknown), a gentleman from the Victorian era who lived with his sick mother and wrote poetry. He was called “William, the Bloody” behind his back by members of his social set, because his poetry was so “Bloody awful”.

This nickname followed him as a vampire, but he is most often called Spike, a name he required as a Vampire because of his affinity for torturing people with railroad spike. His signature look includes peroxide blonde hair and a black leather coat, which he took as a trophy from a Slayer (Nikki Wood) he killed in 1977.

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She is a character played by Juliet Landau as a Vampire in the series BTVS & Angel.

Age: 142 (1860)
Grandsire: Darla
Sire: Angelus
Birthplace: London, England
Occupation: Student, Key                                                   Status: killed a Slayer (Kendra)

Drusilla was a young religious girl with a gift that Angelus referred to as “the sight.” Angelus became obsessed with Drusilla 200 years ago and plagued her and her family for several years. It was during this time that Angelus eventually drove her to madness and on the eve of her taking her Holy Vows, she was sired by him. Later as she felt lonely and needed someone, she sired Spike.


He is a character played by David Boreanaz as a Vampire in the series BTVS & Angel.

Age:over 200 (Born in 18th century)
Grandsire: Master
Sire: Darla
Birthplace: Galway, Ireland
Occupation: Drinking, Womanising and stealing from his rich father

Born in Ireland in the 18th century under the name Liam, he was turned into a Vampire by Darla. He became Angelus, a Vampire noted for his sadistic cruelty. In the late 19th century, Angelus murdered a gypsy girl, and was cursed by her people by having his soul restored to him unless he had a moment of perfect happiness.

Now referring to himself as Angel, the chastened Vampire spent the next hundred years feeling guilty of his sins he had committed as Angelus. The earlier parts of Angel’s career have been seen in frequent flashbacks in the two series.

She is a character played by Julie Benz as a Vampire in the series BTVS & Angel.
Age: over 400
Sire: Master, then Drusilla
Occupation: Prostitution